I would lke to thank all of the people who have come to the Anything Goes Band gigs.  Its the People that come to the shows that make the shows great!!     Thank you,  Stacy         God Bless

Upcoming Shows: 2011
Friday      5/20 11  7:30PM  Pecan Plantation Follies  Live Band 
Friday      5/27/11  6:30PM  D'Vine Wine 
Saturday  5/28/11  7:00PM  Crosstmbrs Opry Live Band
Friday     6/10/11   6:30PM  D'Vine Wine 
Friday     6/24/11   6:30PM  D'Vine Wine 
Friday     7/8/11     6:30PM  D'Vine Wine 
Friday     7/29/11   6:30PM  D'Vine Wine

Saturday 7/23/11  7:00PM  D'Vine Taste of Tuscany  Live Band, AnyThing Goes, 4 course meal with matched wine for each course. Reservations Required.  Call D'Vine Wine Granbury  50.00 Couple    *****SOLD OUT  25 ON WAIT LIST   AWESOME!!!!  Thanks

Friday    8/12/11  6:30PM  D"Vine Wine 
Friday    9/9/11    6:30PM  D"Vine Wine 
Sat   9/10/11 8:00-10:00 " Anything  Goes Band " Hanks on the Square

​Friday     9/16/11   7:00PM  Brazos Room  PPCC Members and guests
only   Reservations recommended  Live Band " Anything Goes Band"  
      Brazos Room offers drink specials and a full menu SOLD OUT THX

Friday    9/30/11  6:30PM   D'Vine Wine 
Monday 10/3/11 Private Wedding Bailey Wedding "Anything Goes Band"

Friday   10/14/11  6:30PM  D'Vine Wine 
Friday   10/28/11  6:30PM    D'Vine Wine 

Friday   11/4/11    7:30PM  Pecan Follies   Live Band and Performances
           Reservations a must !!!  Sold out last three times. 210 seats-              pls resrv asap if you want to attend.

Saturday 11/5/11 6:30ish-10:30 D'Vine Wine "Anything Goes Band" 5 Course lite meal matched W/ 5 Courses of wine. Reservations a must. Sells out quickly for these events. Great time and upscale evening with a live band. Call D'Vine for Reservations. Apprx $60.00 per couple  
                        Sold Out  
Friday     11/11/11 D'Vine Wine 
Friday     11/25/11    D'Vine Wine                                                    11/29/11     Balloons  19th Hole Anything Goes Band
 12/1/11   Pecan Plantation Prv Party live band   XMAS Music       Multi Winery Wine Tasting/Awards  "Anything Goes Band"    Granbury Tx
2012   2012   2012   2012   2012
Friday  1/6/12  7-10 PM  Brazos Room  "Anything Goes Band"Full menu call for Reservations.                 SOLD OUT !!!   THANKS  AGAIN 
Fri       1/27/12     D'Vine Wine
Fri        2/10/12     D'Vine Wine
​Sat     2/4/12     Double D Bar  Granbury  Anything Goes Live Band
SAT       2/11/12   ANYTHING GOES BAND    Valentines at D'Vine Wine  Catered 6 course meal w/ matched wine live music and dancing 70.00 cpl  this has sold out last three times. lets do it again.   thx
Reservations a must.   Sells out quickly   This is done first class SOLD OUT!!!
Thanks Again for the sell out
Fri      2/24/12         D'Vine Wine
Fri      3/9/12            D'Vine Wine 
SAT    3/10/12  Private Wedding Manasco  Anything Goes Band @ The Ballroom
SAT   3/17/12 American Legion Granbury   Anything Goes Band 7:30-11:30  no cover charge   see ya there  thanks
SUN  3/18/12  American Legion Granbury  Anything Goes Band 2-4:30 
Fri          3/30/12       D'Vine Wine 
SAT    4/6/12      Anything Goes Party Band      Outback Tavern
​Fri      4/13/12     Anything Goes Band Corporate Event Private Concert
SAT    4/21/12     Anything Goes Band  Special Event D'Vine Wine Catered Meal live band. First Class Event call D'Vine for info.  Sells out Fast. Call for reservations
Fri   4/27/12   Anything Goes Band Downtown Granbury Square " Wine Walk "   Main Pavillion  600-800 pm
SAT 4/28/12 Anything Goes Band Brazos Room Bar.  Call for Reservations. Sells out quick.
​5/25/12  Anything Goes Band   Leer 50th Birthday  Private Party
5/26/12  Birthday Party  Private   Granbury Lakeside Dock and Beach
​6/9/12 SAT  Anything Goes Band  Brazos Room Bar  Call for reservations  Sells out quick. 6:45ish - close
7/3/12 Anything Goes Limroth Private Party   DeCordova Country Club  
7/14/12  SAT  Anything Goes Corp Party. FreedomTech FtWorth, Tx
8/25/12  Anything Goes Band  Pecan Pantation Ballroom "End Summer Bash"  Full Menu    Come as you are party    no cover Dancing  WOW THANKS AGAIN Sold Out & huge waiting list   
9/15,16/12  American Legion  Granbury  Sat 7-10 Sun 2-4
10/13/12  Private Event Glen Rose Texas  Expo Conv Center
10/20/12  Private Event Wedding  Pecan Plantation
12/8/12 SAT   Anything Goes Band  Bluff Dale Texas 
12/15/12 SAT  Anything Goes Band  American Legion Granbury 7-11
12/16/12 SUN  Anything Goes American Legion  2-4
12/20/12   Anythng Goes Benefit Concert Granbury Conv Center
12/22/12 SAT   XMAS Private Event DeCordova Country Club Ballroom       Resevations Required   Holiday Meal included.
12/31/12  Anything Goes  NEW YEARS EVE American Legion Granbury TX
​2/23/13  Anything Goes Band Pecan PLantation Presidents Ball All Members welcome -Resrv Required.

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Show Schedule   NO LONGER POSTED
2/23/13 Anything Goes Band Pecan PLantation Presidents Ball All Members welcome -Resrv Required.
3/16/13 American Legion Granbury TX  7:00-11:00 PM --- Dance
3/17/13  American Legion Granbury TX  2:00-4:00 PM   ------Dance
3/30/13   Rib Shack   PRIVATE PARTY
4/27/13   Granbury Wine Walk Granbury TX    Historic Downtown Square Pavillion     Saturday  12:00 - 3:30
5/25/13  Granbury Historic Square - D'Vine Wine Balcony over looking square    Street Dance 
6/  /13       Greenwood Saloon Great Crowd    Thanks
Summer Break    

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